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Haircut, oil change, dinner and a movie

Finally got my haircut this morning by Charlie. I like it and it's really short.

Performed my first oil change on the car and pretty happy about it. I have not changed the oil on a car in years and my free services from BMW ran out at 50K miles. So, it was time to start doing it myself. The oil for this car (full synthetic) costs $7/qt. and I need 8 quarts. Filter was like $12 and I got to apply my BMWCCA discount (10%). I still may consider a shop to do it next time. I hate wasting all those oil bottles and having to take the used oil to a recycling facility.

Mom came over for dinner and went to Nantucket Grill and Cafe here on Fayetteville St. It was very good and came hope with full stomachs.

bearcubbnc called me up and invited me to have a look at Ratatouille. It was a great movie and recommend others see it. Graphics are great and a unique storyline.

Fading fast here, off to bed with me...


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Jul. 29th, 2007 04:57 am (UTC)
I used to bulk up on the Mobil One Syn 5 qt jug, and I had a spare 5 gallon disposable Kerosene Can for used oil. Surprisely, the dealer out by me doesn't rape you on the BMW branded syn oil by the quart. Something like 3-4/qt.

Also, if you check with restaurants that do alot of frying, the 5 gallon bulk fresh fry oil containers make great used car oil containers. You only have to make one big trip to the recycler then.
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