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TigerDirect opening in Durham!

Woohoo! Just got an email from TigerDirect that they are opening a new store tomorrow here in Durham at Northgate Mall. According to the email it's located directly next to Sears and has an entrance from the parking lot. Their grand opening is this Saturday, but also open Thursday and Friday. This is rather spiffy as the other store is in north Raleigh and takes about 30 minutes or more to get there from home.

All you North Carolinians don't forget the Sales Tax Holiday this weekend for computers, clothing and school supplies.



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Aug. 2nd, 2007 04:17 am (UTC)
I can see buying cheap cables at that store...but what else? All I see in there is heaps and heaps of crap, and they do that very annoying unrelenting attempt at getting a bunch of personal information from you when you're there to just get one item.
Aug. 2nd, 2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
I actually like TigerDirect for a few things. They're good for the little accessories and other parts that some of us geeks need. Definitely not for the casual user unless they are buying a complete system. I bought my current home system from them a few years ago. It was a refurbished e-Machines system and has been flawless for the last 3 years and it cost $400--not bad at all.

No complaints here buying from them in the past. I miss CompUSA, although there were some LGBT issues I hear (they're gone anyway).
Aug. 4th, 2007 12:49 pm (UTC)
City of Crime
Went yesterday during my lunch break 8/2/07

They are still setting up the store, as of 1:00 pm est they had no intel cpu's, noone knew where anything was, had run out of catalogues, almost all of their products had no pricetags, are still in the process of setting up logistics.

Pros: Twice as big as Raleigh and have registers at the front and back! Have more room to display products and hopefully this translates into more stock available. It is in a mall! While the wife goes hunting for shoes i indulge in geeky obsessions. Friendly folks, met an employee and we chatted quickly about osx86 systems and mac/pc hardware. It is in ?Durham so i can check it out during my lunch breaks. To tell you the truth Raleigh store is so annoying i think i will drive to Durham for some memory this morning event hough i live in Raleigh. It's behind Sears=$ always have parking there!

Cons: It's in a mall, people were confused about what the products were. It was like they had never seen a motherboard.

For those who like to purchase items in person rather than order, it is great. Also if your significant other is at your side complaining constantly (are we done yet?) while your perusing there is plenty for wives and kids to go look at while i read every spec in the store and stop to sniff fresh electronics.
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