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I am not your "honey"

I meant to post last night, but was too pissed off to bother and I need to get it out of my head now.

A colleague and I were talking waiting on the bus to take us home yesterday. We got distracted and got on the wrong TTA bus. So, we had to catch at DATA (Durham Area Transit Authority) bus and saw one was coming in 15 minutes to get us where we needed to be.

Now, the bus pass I have is a TTA Regional Pass issued by UNC-CH good on all buses in the Chapel Hill/Durham area. However, it expired on 31 July. We were assured that all of our passes are good until the 15 Aug when the new passes are normally issued by the university. All expired passes would be honored.

So, we get on the DATA bus and show our passes and refuses us boarding as they've expired. We explain that we know this and she starts throwing a fit in front of everyone. We tried to explain again how these passes are supposed to be honored and she just starts talking back and demanding fare telling us, "I only know green stuff". So, we get out our money and she starts getting really pissed at us because we're holding up the bus and fussing at us. My colleague gets her name, pays and walks back. The driver then says, "Do you want your receipt, honey"? She turns around, walks back, and says, "I am not your honey" and snatches her receipt. I pay, walk back and realize we're being stared at by everybody on the bus.

That whole incident and the scene the driver performed made us look like thieves and it was humiliating. T and I were mad as hell. We noted the bus, time, driver name and everything else. I filed a complaint with DATA last night online regarding the driver and fired off an email to UNC-CH Public Safety about this confusion with the bus pass. I've already got a response from UNC-CH and they're on the problem and agree this is a bad situation and will resolve it immediately.

In all my years of riding multiple bus services in the area, I have never been treated like this. CHTA and TTA always have courteous and professional drivers. Never have I been chewed out by one like this. Do I want this DATA driver fired? No. I want her to do her job and leave her damn attitude at home. All she had to do was tell us she has no way of verifying our passes and to either pay or get off the bus politely.

And, yes, I will pay better attention to get on the 412 bus and not the 402 bus. :(



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Aug. 3rd, 2007 10:04 pm (UTC)
Oh my.
I'm embarrassed to work for the City of Durham.
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