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This week in progress

After the hellish weekend of pager duty, Monday was quiet. The it all blew up again Tuesday evening. There is just something wrong with this Apache/tomcat instance that keeps causing it to come to a screeching halt and I still can't put my finger on it. At least there have been no overnight alerts for a change (knock, knock, knock).

Splunk is a wonderful thing. For my sys admins out there, imagine ALL of your system logs for ALL of your systems in one single GUI interface where querying is as simple clicking on a word. We're definitely looking at getting an enterprise license. The free license allows you to index 500MB/day, but we need to process 3GB/day (system and Apache logs).

bTALK podcast 104 from last week was hilarious and so gross at the same time! I was cackling on the bus and while walking down the sidewalk the entire time I was listening to it with people wondering what I was laughing at. The unfortunate side effect is having plaghs singing "To the elbow, to the elbow..." still ringing in my ears (you have to listen to it to appreciate it).

Finally made it to Broad Street Cafe last night, but hardly anyone was there? I usually don't make it since I advise the undergrad frat Wednesday evening, but fall break just started so the kids are away. Speaking of which, it was wonderful to walk across campus on this foggy morning and have it be so peaceful with hardly anyone around. I do like the sights when the kids are here, but it's nice for it to be calm too.



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Oct. 19th, 2007 05:05 pm (UTC)
You know, I'm hardly ever on campus any more, but when I was still taking classes and teaching more often, I can remember crossing the upper quad a few early, peaceful mornings and watching a huge barn owl perched on a low branch or swooping majestically from tree to tree. I've always said that universities would be great if it weren't for all those darned students! Hee hee.
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