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Well, it wasn't a total bust as there was snowfall and there is a trace on the ground this morning (not nearly enough worth photographing). It was pretty to watch it come down and it's been a long time since we've seen significant snowfall in this area.

Yesterday saw lots of rain in the morning and the temperature drifted up to 40°F. The large chunk of precipitation that was supposed to come through here shifted much further east bringing copious amounts of rain to eastern NC (which they needed too). Forecasters were counting on this heavier rain falling into the drier and colder rain to produce much more snow. The colder air was also slower than models predicted. So, it just kept raining until around 1500 I think when it finally turned over to snow.

The snow came down pretty good at times, but nothing heavy. This brought the temperature down to 36°F, but nothing was sticking to the streets and only on elevated or really grassy surfaces was there any snow. It continued into the night and stopped around midnight. Temperature hovered at 32.6°F for hours. According to my home weather station, the temperature finally dropped below freezing around 0417 this morning and it's now a chilly 25.1°F.

This is the first time the temperature has fallen below freezing since Wednesday morning. Without the ground having been frozen, this left little chance for anything sticking. Forecasters thought if the snowfall came down heavy enough it would overcome the warm ground temperatures and cooled it enough to stick. I still fondly miss that big snow storm of January 2000 when we got 18"--that was spectacular.

Forecasters say we actually got about 3" of snowfall, but so much of it melted as it fell. Only 0.16" on the rain gauge yesterday. Actually, I need to check the rain gauge and see if any snow is still left in there frozen as I don't have a heater for it. Therefore, the drought continues.

My day was spent doing loads and loads of laundry and spent hours learning Final Cut Express HD last night. Main project is cobbling together my brothers video (healingdrysuits) for this Christmas out west with the in-laws. It's a massive 2.5 hours of footage. He wanted to try a different theme that he got from "This American Life" and just take footage of people talking about various things. It's nice that he does this, but the amount of footage is overwhelming and will take two DVD's to burn (single layer). Whatever..., love you bro'! Hehe, we'll talk later today about how demanding this is. Still, I learned a hell of a lot about FCE which I needed and it will make other projects easier. I've learned video editing is like art and takes time and patience to master.



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Jan. 20th, 2008 03:30 pm (UTC)
I haven't used Final Cut Express. How do you like it?

I do use Final Cut Pro at work and find it works well for the most part, except for the CG (character generator) for titling. Motion is cool, but I don't use that feature for titling. I usually end up importing titling graphics from photoshop....
Jan. 20th, 2008 04:22 pm (UTC)
I got FCE when I got my iMac a few months ago as they offered at a substantial discount. I have worked with iMovie in the past and it annoyed me. iMovie is good for slapping something together, but as soon as you want to do something like fine tune transitions, add chapters, etc., it gets a little funky. It also hated the face that I stored my clips on external drives.

I've only dabbled with the text generator a little bit, but they do warn you that it can be tricky when doing this with video as it will not always render smoothly. There have been a few undocumented gotchas in FCE to deal with, but the Mac forums proved very helpful. Understanding transitions was just making my brain hurt until someone on one of the forums make it crystal clear (needing overlap from both clips for the transition to fit). Just wish there was an error message telling me that instead of just doing..., nothing.

I'm sure as you have learned, working with video editing software is not all that intuitive in terms of the user interface until you really get some practice at it. It's not like there's an industry standard for it that I can think of. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts to do a lot of things. I can 3-point edit without even touching the mouse (setting the in and out points for each clip).
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