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Weekend update

Saturday was a lazy day. Was practically overcast around here with the threat of severe thunderstorms. I headed over to Sears to get a few tools I needed for the car. It was then I could hear the lightning from inside the store, so guess that was one of the big storms.

Made plans to have dinner with nc_slow_dancer, so I chose to do the brakes that afternoon. Took me about 90 minutes and I know I can do that faster. This was to remove the OEM pads and install the new Carbotech pads for the race track. I always get a bit nervous tinkering with brakes even though I've done this so many times. I mean, this is the only damn part that stops your entire car! Took it for a quick test drive and brakes felt good.

Hopped in the shower quick in time for dinner with nc_slow_dancer. This was for some steak at Firebird's. I got the filet and it was tasty, but they overcooked a bit. They undercooked nc_slow_dancer's, though. When they get it right, it's great. But they have a long way to go on consistency.

Headed back home and noticed the black sky approaching (here comes wave #2 of storms). Decided now was a good time to bed in those track pads before the storm came and it was still daylight. Got the brakes nice and hot, so I'm good to go there. So far, not much noise from the brakes as expected. May be quite different on the track though.

Watched the Formula 1 from Imola, Italy for qualifying and looking forward to the race today. Although, CBS is running it this time instead of Speed channel and others on the f1 forum have been not looking forward to the CBS commentary, so this could be interesting.

Today I was going to go biking, but all of the mountain bike trails are closed due to wet conditions and having some lunch at Pei Wei with a few friends. Then I'm off to Danville to register, get the car inspected and have a driver's meeting this evening. Then I get up early Monday for my 6th performance driving school--can't wait. :)

Will take laptop (they have wireless there), take some pics and try to update journal during the day.



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Apr. 23rd, 2006 02:37 pm (UTC)
With your subject, I'm torn between "Joe, you ignorant slut," "Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow," and "That's the news and you are... outta here!"
Apr. 23rd, 2006 02:43 pm (UTC)
I hope you have a good time in Danville! Looking forward to hearing about it at "coffee" this week!
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