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Monday track summary

Runs 3 and 4 went much better. Instructor still had to bow out for 3rd run and got another one to fill-in on the spot. Then original instrtuctor joined me on my last run. He was very pleased with the improvement from this morning and said he would likely sign me off to go solo on Tuesday morning.

There were a lot of brand new VW GTI's there. This are speedy cars, great handling, small package and apparently fun to drive. One of them had DSG (BMW calls it SMG (Sequential Manual Gearbox)) making for a slick setup. One major complaint about them is that on the track, once the gas tank hits about 1/2, the engine is starved of fuel on hard braking and some cornering (fuel sloshing around in the gas tank away from the intake). The other complaint was brakes that got rather toasty, but removing some front panels to allow air in does the trick to deliver much needed cooler air.

I'm glad I rebounded from this morning from going off the track. It was a good wake-up call for me to realize I can really screw it up if I'm not careful and my head is not in the game. Actually there were no fender benders at all today and that's a good safety measure.

I know what I need to still improve on tomorrow and mostly it's my line that still needs to be consistent lap after lap. Took quite a bit of concentration with all of the traffic out there. Going to try harder to get away from the traffic so that I'm not distracted by all the passers and passees (sp?).

The automatic transmission (even in manual mode) is still a pain in the ass, but learning to deal with it more. The new brake pads are awesome. I can stomp on the brakes for some really hard, threshold braking (110mph to 40mph in 400') on the first lap and the 10th lap with no fade. Really liking the Carbotech pads.

Right now, I'm exhausted. Need some relax time and sleep before another wake-up at 0530 tomorrow to do this all again.

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