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Half-time track update

Well, it's sort of half-time. Only got 1 run in so far and the other three are after lunch due to the schedule. No incidents so far today other than a dog who could care less about fast cars and cruised back and forth across the track a few times. Track was shutdown for a few minutes and the dog finally wandered off back into the woods.

Had a different instructor to start off this morning to sign me off to go solo (earlier instructor agreed to sign me off too). Was a bit frustrating having another opinion no how to take certain lines, but I dealt with it and tucked it away to experiment with it later. Overall, another really good track run with no issues and speed still coming up. However, I'm still way out powered by all of the higher horsepower cars. Nice thing is that I don't have to back off on the throttle to let someone pass except for a few.

So, I'm solo for the rest of the day and looking forward to just perfecting my line and being consistent without another opinion coming from the right seat. Not going to try anything new without an instructor there with me. Plan on catching some riding time with some of the instructors this afternoon too (have not done that yet). Catching all of the video and may take some pictures later on. Been spending time with the VW people with tons of car talk.


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