Joe (snowboardjoe) wrote,

Heat wave breaks up, but still toasty

After nearly a solid week of scorching heat, it abates today..., some. Here's what my weather station reported the past few days...

Thu 94.6°F | Fri 96.6°F | Sat 97.8°F | Sun 97.4°F | Mon 99.3°F | Tue 96.2°F

The heat index peak I think was 108°F and easily around 105°F daily. Officially RDU recorded temperatures around 100°F and 101°F. Today? Low 90's and a chance of some showers and thunderstorms and should be like this for awhile. Ozone and pollution down a few notches today too.

Oh, yeah, the 100°F at RDU last Saturday set a new all-time record for the earliest 100°F day in the year.
Tags: weather
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