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Voice Post

581K 2:57
“Hello folks, this is my 2nd voice post from Kentmeds(?). This was, we just wrapped up day 3. Real quick Sunday, Yeah yesterday. We pretty much things went pretty well, lots of practice training for cadets and I just got a lot of their queries stuff other ways. So a little bit boring but lot of education we just have to get out of the way before it get really into the serious marine stuff during the week and all that went pretty well. I think we sent one cadet home yesterday for home sickness. Little stormy during the day but not too bad, kinda cool and then today we really have no time to put time. It's just wacky, everyone one thinks today is like Tuesday or Wednesday I had to keep them from one of ourselves it's Monday. That's how longer days are when I got your since like a week ago now. Anyway for this morning lot storms so that put off some PP they wanted to do in the morning. So, started up pretty early about 5:30 and today half the cadets got to do the combat pool so we had like about half the wings about 60 cadets. So, they are in the pool have a lot of cadets you haven't done but swimming and they kept jump from a tower and one thing from marines I'm telling them. The betters ones got to put on the pool you know combat gear and swim across the whole length of the pool which is pretty boring. Some cadets are really scary so I got to ___ to jump off the platform which is kinda cool as well which really compliment. More question training, ___ during the day. Then a few issue this evening, where I'm kinda getting the called in million directions. I was just reminding you that this thing combatant(?) and cadet can just be really crazy dizzy. The incredible number of details, working with the staff, dealing with the staff issues, complaints from the the senior members saying why we got the issue coming out we need to just look into and directing people. Why aren't they eating fast enough, why are you late, you know what are you doing here? It's it's the number of details for a some of cadets to manage all this cadets is just very overwhelming ___ really good staff that's actually really done outstanding job. Lot of good team building, stuff they're doing so I'm pretty happy of what they're doing. Anyway so we're going in camp tomorrow and it should be good for the rest of the week and hope using the day is skill by a little bit faster and hopefully we will start a good week and see how the rest of it goes. Other than that hope everyone is doing well and I really haven't had hardly had any access to the internet whatsoever. So I am not sure if I could email or anything or obviously can't voicemail so I'll try to know your best place. Maybe for the rest of the week probably at that every other day. Other than that, hope everyone's doing good. Talk to you later. Bye.”

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