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Holiday mountain biking

Dana, swindunbar and I planned some mountain biking this weekend. First stop was Harris Lake on Friday morning. We got through all of the trails in about an hour and had the sweat to prove it. temperature was not too bad, but the humidity was stifling. At one point I powered it up a major hill and over did it as I started overheat and zapped my energy. After about 10 minutes I was good to go again and finished out the ride. I forgot to record the bike stats before I reset it for the next ride. Since I had not mapped it before, here is the GPS trace of what we did and a few pics taken by Dana...


I think Dana has direct links to photos blocked, so here's a link to the photo set.

Next was governor's Crrek on Saturday morning down in Sanford. I did this trail sometime early last year and had not been there in a long time. It was the first time for Dana and swindunbar. The very first part of the trail has some huge drops and hills and then it settles down for the rest of the trip. Stats: 5.39mi, moving time 59min, stopped time 35min, moving avg 5.5mph. Again, another GPS trace of the trail we ran by Dana...


We did plan to head out again this morning, but we've had a lot of rain and that wiped out all of the trail for today (2.5" at my house alone for Saturday). We almost got 3 days in a row of some serious mountain biking, but it was still all good.

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