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Mountain biking weekend

Thanks to much pestering from swindunbar this weekend, after 1-2 months of not getting out on the trails I finally got on the bike this weekend for some good riding. First was was "286" which is near the airport across the street from Rocky Road. This was a new one to me and still very new. Lots of fantastic drops, lots of rocks, lots of creeks to cross about 6" deep, several trails that run right in the middle of creek beds and this went on for many miles. I forgot to copy the stats, but we did about 7 miles. We would have done more, but we were out there for 2 hours and my body had enough and I needed to get back home. Crabtree today really nice. Much of the trail was like damp clay (not too dusty, not muddy), perfect. I'm impressed with the pace swindunbar was making the last two days! I've got some equipment issues to work out before go out again. At the end of the last trail I could not remove my shoe from the binding. It was rather embarrassing having to take off my shoe with it still attached to the bike in the parking lot. Seems the screws that hold the cleat on keep coming loose. I need to get a new set of cleats and hopefully that will resolve the problem.

Here is the GPS track for the two trails. Line in white is "286" and green line is Crabtree...

MTB trails 20080921


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Sep. 22nd, 2008 04:42 am (UTC)
Awesome rides, Joe!

Sep. 22nd, 2008 03:23 pm (UTC)
fun rides indeed, next year I should plan a trip out there, I've thought about it but nothing concrete, swin keeps inviting us out, just need to make vacation and time and money to do it LOL.

As for the cleats, you may be able to get a new mounting plate, sounds like that's the issue, but then again if your cleats are old new ones aren't that expensive.
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