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It's been quite peaceful at home for 2 days in a row. I did some more shopping yesterday to replacing my aging weather station and replace my dieing garage door opener (open limiter was failing and having problems lowering door). I joined Dana for dinner last night and got caught up with him and we ended up watching An Inconvenient Truth which I had not seen yet--very good.

This morning I got started building the new weather station. Next I moved on to the garage door opener and very happy that is done. This is a really nice system--belt drive, DC motor, battery back-up. The new motor design is completely different from the 10 year old system. It starts off slow and then goes fast and then slows during the last few inches when opening. When closing it gos 1/2 speed and then crawls during the last few inches closing it gently.

Time to get back at moving some things over from the old weather computer to the new one (first time dealing with Windows Vista). Speaking of weather, we continue to flip-flop back and forth. It's damp, foggy, cloudy, cold, but will be hitting 70°F tomorrow getting close to setting a record high.



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Dec. 28th, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
Your location is next on the list. Just trying to sort it out with work schedule. I'm thinking it will be a road trip, but not sure. Would like to work it out by going to Chicago and Madison WI, but that starts to add up and will take more time. We'll see. I need to keep an eye out for airline deals too.
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