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Road trip: Madison WI

It was an easy drive to Madison, Wisconsin today. As I left Chicago the wind was really kicking up a lot of dust and debris. Lots of crosswinds required 2 hands on the steering wheel at all times. Car did find on this leg--no vibration.

About 30 minutes out form Madison I start seeing more of the frozen lakes and ponds around, but it seems very awkward when the temperature outside is 60°F. Many of the roads were covered in condensation from the very cold ground getting exposed to the sudden warm air. Since it would be awhile until actorguy1 and geometrician will get off work I chose to tour the town around the Capitol area and State Street.

I took several pictures from within the Capitol building and I was amazed at the architecture inside. This is a large building and some incredible art work in place. The whole place is just huge. I'll upload pictures later--not tonight. I'm still working on the pictures from Chicago too and may not get to them until I'm home.

Next I headed down State Street and was really impressed with the layout of this town. There were 6 blocks of solid shopping that had food, jewelry, museums, clothing, drinks, coffee, grocery store..., everything. It was not until I got to the end of State Street that I realized I was at UW-Madison. This is quite a deal foe the students there to have all this right on the doorstep of their campus.

I stopped off at Michelangelo's (114 State Street) to grab a quick snack and was later joined by actorguy1 and geometrician. What a pleasure to finally meet these two in person! We got along great this evening and began asking a lot of questions to learn more about each other (more than we could have done in LJ). They showed me around more about the places there, more around campus and how the lake borders on all of this which is very nice. I got a few evening pictures of the lake and State Street at night, but don't know how they came out yet.

As usual, time slips away faster than we want it too and it's already time for bed. I have so many more questions for them, but it will need to wait for another time. These are really great guys with big hearts. They were wonderful hosts and I look forward to spending more time with them again. Need to remember to get some pictures of them before I go (I totally forgot!).

Friday morning, probably late morning, I start the long trek back home. I drive to Cincinnati first and then the rest of the way Saturday. I really lucked out on the weather too since it's so warm here (unseasonably warm) and when I get back home we're supposed to have high's in the mid 70's in Durham--freaky.



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Mar. 6th, 2009 02:58 pm (UTC)
The last time ted_badger and I were in Madison for an Ides (of March) party the weather was lovely. I remember looking at the frozen lakes where college students skated while wearing shorts & t-shirts. It was rather surreal.

Madison is a favorite place to visit. If you make it back there at a time of year when sitting outside is a reasonable proposition hang out on the patio at UW-Madison. It over looks a lake, they server beer, often have music. It was a great way to relax when we visited in August.
Mar. 6th, 2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
That's exactly where actorguy1 and geometrician took me last night. It was a pretty cool place for students to hang out. UNC-CH has nothing like that. I do want to see what this place looks like in the summer.

They gave me a nice book for Madison photos to take home with me and I will browse through that later on. I literally knew nothing about Madison until I came here.
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