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While down at thejbear's and Barry's in Apex we had major line of storms come through. I could tell something was up with the severe thunderstorm watch that was posted and watched the thick, red glob moving in our direction. About an hour before it came the National Weather Service issued severe thunderstorm warnings for the following counties: Harnett, Lee, Chatham, Wake, Durham and Granville. That's a lot of counties and it gives you and idea of how wide this line was.

I was checking my home weather station using WAP interface to check on things back home. I was surprised to see that my weather station just recorded a 40mph wind gust. The temperature dropped about 15 degrees in 15 minutes--impressive. You can see a snapshot of weather events just for Saturday from my weather station. It's very easy to tell when the front came through. Power was lost a few times, but all UPS's carried it through.

Today I'm cleaning house for family arrival this afternoon and find some large branches blown down in my back yard and a shutter ripped off the front of my house. There are also several small trees that snapped around the neighborhood. The other thing unusual is my cell phone is acting weird at home. People can hear me fine, but I can only make out about 50% of what they're saying. Then at 1430 the power goes completely off--no flicker. Called Duke and they esitimate 6 hours--grrrr. I to to shutoff weather station and realize the cable modem is offline too, so this was a pretty major outage.

Verizon service continues to suck when voice calls are still horrible and getting dropped calls (never happened before). SMS? Dead. It was really weird. The one good thing is that I have a garage door opener with battery-backup--sweet. :) That was a nice feature to get. Anyway, power came back at about 1630, Verizon issues vanish and I have everything up again, but wireless access point does not seem all that happy and seems to need constant reboots, so I'll have to follow-up on that later. There have been a few brief brownouts this evening, but nothing that UPS's couldn't handle so far. Hopefully things will be stable now, although Duke reports of other outages in the area they are still working on.


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May. 11th, 2009 12:46 pm (UTC)
I'd say that a 40mph reading is conservative. We were leaving for Matt's about six pm and I decided to wait while watching the impending storm bearing down on us on the radar.

The initial 90 or so seconds of wind in that storm were some of the most intense I'd ever experienced. The NWS was warning of 70 mph gusts, and from what we saw and felt at the house, I'd believe those estimates.
May. 11th, 2009 01:18 pm (UTC)
I got home to find a large tree branch in our driveway. Hubby still down in basement working on computer. Said he heard a little thunder earlier that evening.
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