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New battery, check

I knew over the weekend that something was not right with the car. Cranking had suddenly felt not as strong. Even my radio would sometimes flicker while cranking. Not good. After 99,000 miles and 6.5 years, I can't complain for the original battery.

So, I get on the E46 forums and everyone says as soon as that happens that you need to get a new battery like right now. The battery could go at any minute and then you would be stuck. Forums pointed out the OEM battery from the dealership was crap compared the batteries they comes with from Germany and they want to charge you $200+.

Picked up the Duralast 49-DL from Autozone for about $90. Everyone swears by these. It's a little shallower and longer, but the battery tray (located in the trunk for balance, but that means you also need a special vent kit) can take it with tiny modifications. It has plenty of power. However, they warned me that it goes against the recommendations of Autozone computers. They have a Duralast 94R-DLG that fits exactly like the OEM, but it has less power capacity and they charge $40 more for it. Even the guy at Autozone when I went to get it agreed that was silly.

After I got home I was able to knock it out in about 15 minutes and it fits perfectly. Need to go back now and return the old one to get $12 back. At least this was simple and reasonable. Hopefully the power reset on the car cleared out any little electrical/computer gremlins too.



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Jul. 21st, 2009 06:33 pm (UTC)
Remember don't fuel up after Midnight or get water on the electrical... I hear that's a bad things for Gremlins. :)
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