Joe (snowboardjoe) wrote,

100,000 miles

Car (BMW 325xi) finally crossed the 100,000 mark today after 6.5 years...
100,000 miles
I've only owned 2 cars where I drove them as new cars and reached the 100,000 mark (first was a 1994 Toyota Corolla). After all this time I can happily say this car drives almost as good as the first day. Yep, there are a few more squeaks and rattles, but the engine, handling and all of its parts are pretty much working right now. Worst complaint is the right headlight is starting to flicker a bit during the first few minutes it comes on. This car will be a keeper for a few more years. I might be looking for something else come spring 2011. I will continue to enjoy no car payments in the mean time. :)
Tags: bmw
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