Joe (snowboardjoe) wrote,

Shoulder still in bad shape

While helping new mountain bike people at Harris Lake with swindunbar (12 Sep 2009) I took a spill while going down a steep dip and went head first into the ground. I broke my fall mainly with my right arm over my head. Took off several layers of skin near my elbow about the size of a half-dollar coin. It wasn't until the next day that I noticed a lot of pain in my shoulder right in the socket.

While the pain got better during the next week, it hit a point where it would heal no longer. However, my trip to Seattle prevented me from making a trip to the doctor to check things out. Last week I made it to the doctor and she thinks I've messed something up in my rotator cuff. She does not believe I broke anything otherwise I would be in a lot more pain all of the time. She recommended me for physical therapy starting on the 13th.

Right now I still have a hard time lifting my right hand over my head or putting it straight out and lifting up before the pain gets really intense. As soon as I relax it, all but 1% of the pain subsides. Sleeping has been challenging trying to find the right position that I can rest comfortably. Pushing up on it is particularly painful too, so I can only rollover in bed in one direction.
Tags: mountain biking, shoulder
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