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Gays and religion in the news

Most of you know how lame I can be at politics which is why you rarely hear me talk about it here. However, there have been a few interesting articles. Actually, I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about these here on LJ. Are they all that insignificant?

Salt Lake OKs Gay Rights With Mormon Backing

This one was particularly interesting coming out of SLC. It does seem like a step in the right direction by protecting some gay rights in terms of employment and housing, but it does seem a bit shallow when you read the fine print. Definitely not supporting gay marriage--no shocker there. Is there any significance to this, or is it just pandering to get their numbers up?

Catholic Church Gives D.C. Ultimatum

Sounds like they've drawn a line in the sand this time and threatening to not feed the homeless if they are forced not to discriminate against gays. Really? You're willing to let poor people starve over this? I'm sure the gays will take the blame, right? I think this is one ultimatum they will regret and cave in on. Agree or disagree?



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Nov. 13th, 2009 03:30 am (UTC)
The key, I think, in D.C. is that these are contracts. Catholic Charities receives money from DC to support their charitable works of feeding the poor, clothing the naked, etc. I expect that D.C. can find another group or agency that will do those works without the added bigotry bonus.

They will, of course, have to ignore Matthew 25:35-40 however all religions are very good at ignoring the parts of their holy scripture which become inconvenient.

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