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Encampment update

Not going to go into a long update here. I'm exhausted and need sleep.

Friday afternoon and evening went well. It was really great to walk in the building and have so many people greet me and glad to see me. :) There are so many great people that I've worked with over the years and cadet programs (and these are people dedicated to cadet programs).

Saturday started off slow with a 0700 wake-up call. Was reminded quickly on how nice it is to be able to walk right from my bedroom into a clean bathroom on a daily basis. Now it requires that I walk across a field and into a public, cement shower. :( 100 cadets arrived at 1300 and I was tasked with doing gear checks. We have to go through everything to remove food, knives, cell phones, other electronics, explosives..., you name it. It was toasty that day and even though I was in the shade, I was sweating all day. I was doing gear checks for 2.5 hours and back was not happy (standing for so long). Finally got to bed at 2300 and crashed pretty hard.

Sunday was longer. My energy was just really low most of the day. We lost a lot of cadets early in the morning during the first formation at 0630. The weekend chow schedule is very limited and we only get 2 meals. With the sports they did last night and then stuff this morning, we think their energy just faded really fast. It got better when they got food in their stomachs. Some drama today, but nothing major. I was just exhausted most of the day and the heat started to really get at me. Perked up in the evening as the day cooled off. Cadets are doing quite well and the real week starts tomorrow with tours on the base.

OK, that's it. I just can't stay awake anymore. More details later as the week progresses.


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Jun. 19th, 2006 04:23 am (UTC)
Sounds like encampment as usual. :) Good to hear that it's going well so far.
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