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Encampment comes to an end

The last day of encampment (yesterday, Friday) for me was pretty good. Everyone got a chance to ride on the CH-46 helicopter (aka Pedro)! they ran two aircraft at a time and took 10 people on each flight for about a 20 minute ride out into the swamp area and back with a touchdown and liftoff in between. Got lots of great video that I'm still working on transferring from tape to laptop. The landing back at Cherry Point was so smooth that I could not even tell when we were firmly on the ground. Lots of happy cadets yesterday. The Marines go all out to support Civil Air Patrol.

Spent remainder planning and conducting the cookout that evening, had one last volleyball game to ref then pack and finally head home. The encampment would not end until Saturday afternoon for the graduation, but I had to leave for the Street Survival course on Saturday and a family emergency that I will go into details later in separate entries.

Very successful encampment and looking forward to getting video online soon. It's sort of recharged my batteries on CAP. I've also realized how much time I have spent at home watching TV and want to make a huge effort to cut that way back.

PS: Chiggers are bad. I've counted about 70-80 bit marks on my legs. :(

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