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More jobs within ITS at UNC-CH

Quite a few jobs popping up now. Most of these are due to vacancies from other people (some not so voluntary and some reorganizing. You can find out all of the details at http://hr.unc.edu. Some of the application windows were recently extended, but most of them have a short time frame. So, don't delay if you're interested. I've only listed a portion of each position here.

58542, Lab and Systems Specialist: The position within ITS Teaching and Learning strongly prefers experience with Citrix application and desktop delivery technology and Microsoft SQL Server administration. Primary responsibilities are to monitor Citrix XenDesktop and XenApplication performance, usage and license status using various diagnostic and reporting tools. The position will analyze test results, provide approval for installation of client software requests into the production environment and create base Citrix XenDesktop image(s) of core applications and utilities for campus users...

38091, Information Security Specialist: The Information Security Specialist assists with the coordination of information security activities and collaborates among divisions within the University to ensure that information systems are implemented in accordance with a) the mission of UNC-Chapel Hill, b) information security best practices and c) University Policy and Federal and State laws and regulations...

59196, Database Administrator: TIME LIMITED, The Oracle DBA should possess: * The ability to perform the DBA works with limited access and privilege in a controlled database environment. * The experience in Oracle performance tuning (SQL, database and system), Oracle system management & Oracle Architecture. * Performance analysis and tuning, expert level. * Data migration (imports, exports), expert level. * Database backups experience (including RMAN). * Experience with the Installation and patching of Oracle RDBMS. * Working knowledge of UNIX environments - specifically Solaris. * The ability to generate reports related to Oracle response times and overall database health...

53597, Systems Specialist: Desired Experience: - Experience with PHP scripting language - Experience with Squid proxy - Experience with MySQL - Experience managing Linux systems with open source tools...

59520, Senior Systems Administrator: This is a senior technical position in the ITS Enterprise Systems Group. Enterprise Systems is responsible for hardware, operating systems and associated services provided predominantly on Unix/Linux platforms. The group is responsible for software solutions that are, or can be, offered as deliverable components of systems such as Apache Web servers and MySQL databases. This team has responsibility for ensuring critical, high-demand applications are available 24/7/365...


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