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Sleep study--FAIL!

Had my second sleep study last night. This was a followup to my last one to see what has changed since I lost 20 pounds. Things got underway and was asleep by 2300. I had a hard time getting to sleep (bed feels different, different sounds, wires all over the place, pulse oxygen sensor pinching my finger, etc.).

I started to get to sleep later on when I heard a loud bang at 0230--power is out. Our technician was stumbling over things and fumbling with the flashlight trying to figure out what was going on. He said he thought it was a circuit breaker, but I thought otherwise since my room was dead and I heard a frozen UPS's chipring outside. I decided to detach myself from everything (with no light) to see what I could help with.

We found all of the UPS's that were chirping and some of the computers crashed since the UPS did not have enough juice to keep them alive. He called Duke Power (after I gave him the number from memory). 30 minutes later I went back to bed when there was nothing for us to do and actually fell asleep somewhat. He woke us up again around 0520 to go ahead and remove all of our wires since there was no way to get a complete study done at this point. Sure enough, the lights come back on around 0545 (too late anyway).

So, I get to do this all over again soon. :( Quite tired today, but mom is helping me with some more gardening purchases today that I need to get done.



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Apr. 17th, 2010 06:53 pm (UTC)
That totally sucks. But anytime you need someone to watch you sleep, i'm available. WOOF!
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