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My first computer restore

I say this is my first because this is actually the first time I've had a drive failure on a personal computer. Usually my hard drives last for many years. Not so for my 2007 iMac. I noticed last night when I was in Aperture that the system kept pausing at various intervals for no apparent reason and Spotlight was stuck. Sure enough, I checked the logs and saw that my box has been logging oodles for IO disk errors.

I checked around for the best drive to get as I wanted to make sure it was compatible for tight/enclosed spaces (like an iMac). Seems the Western Digital Caviar Blue models is the most popular, runs cool and it was the OEM drive in this iMac. So, to get it now, I went to the CompUSA store at Northgate Mall. This is what used to be a Tiger Direct store before CompUSA bought the rights (and a deal/merge that I still don't understand). Checkout person was hopelessly confused with a single customer and no manager was helping. After 10 minutes I tried the other side of the store and was met with more delays. I was ready to se the drive on the counter, speak clearly that, "I was going to buy this, but I'm going to Best Buy now due to your ack of customer service". Finally got to checkout and finally got the hell out of there (other customer was still stuck from before). I walked out with a 500GB SATA drive for $50--not bad.

Thanks to some great videos online from amateurs I was able to replace the hard drive very carefully in about 10 minutes. Pretty cool to finally see the insides of my iMac for the first time. All was put together fine and no missing parts and the system came up fine.

I popped in my Snow Leopard disk and followed the prompts to restore from my Time Machine backups. I learned NOT to use the original install DVD as it is not smart enough to understand Time Machine (Apple really needs to update their support pages on this). It's off and running and estimating 4 hours or more roughly. I'll check it in the morning and hope it all goes well. Very impressed with the restore procedure so far though.



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May. 28th, 2010 12:21 pm (UTC)
lucky it worked out. I've had 2 hard drives die on me in the past 11 years at MSU and both times it was a horrific experience and lots of data loss
May. 28th, 2010 02:16 pm (UTC)
It worked. Time Machine did an awesome job. When I got to my desktop this morning, all I had to do was reboot and the system was just as I had left it before removing the old drive. There are a few things it needs to rebuild like web and mail caches, but it's already caught up with much of that too (stuff not practical to backup really).
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