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Street Survival

The local BMW club put on its first Street Survival for 30 students and was a great success. There were lots of volunteers and lots of students that enjoyed pushing their cars to their limits. There were all kinds of cars: Yaris, BMW, Toyota Pasaeo, Corvette, Accords, Volvos, etc. There were about 10 different scenarios setup. The longer obstacle course was a favorite and they were getting pretty good at it. Then we added a twist where they were instructed to keep their cell phone handy. Someone would then call them and ask them questions about non-driving stuff and they immediately lost all concentration on the track. It was very eye opening and quite entertaining. :)

Another favorite was the skid pads that were watered down. They learned a great deal of what it feel like to spin out and how much impact a little bit of water can have going in circles and performing emergency maneuvers. Got plenty of video and stills to go through. It was hot as hell all day, so that was bad. Next event will be 3-4 months from now.

Oh, yeah, the event was setup at the State Highway Patrol training track in south Raleigh. They were super hosts and we were very grateful for them helping us out. They even opened up their cafeteria (just down the road) to use for serving lunch.

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