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It was definitely a lazy morning yesterday around the house. We finally ended up getting out and doing a little shopping for a change. Still cloudy out and cool and wondering when the sun was finally going to come out. Even though I have an REI store back home, it was good to visit the mothership version here in Seattle. Had a delicious lunch at Good Wrapps there too. It was then the sun finally came out and it was a nearly cloudless sky the rest of the day.

We later visited another shopping mall called University Village. Lots of fancy shops here with many that don't exist back home. I think the coolest store was the Sony Lifestyles store. We checked out some of the new 3D TV's there and it was pretty amazing to see them.

Last night I headed out to dinner with ljtourist, but had several issues before I got there. It wasn't until I headed out and was almost to downtown that I realized I forgot my cell phone once again. I had no way of calling him and did not remember exactly where he was at. So, I turned around to head back and realized that I never put in Duane and Eric's address into the GPS. It took me about another 30 minutes of wandering around before I found them (now I know I can get here without GPS, but I marked it anyway). Finally got to ljtourist's place about an hour or so late and went in search of food. Nice pub we went to, but can't remember the name now. We got caught up on things and went back to his apartment to check out the view from his new place--fantastic view of the water from his 7th floor apartment.

Slept from 0100-0900 this morning and feeling really good. I plan to do some walking/jogging at Green Lake to get some physical activity in. Need to catch up on some personal email and stuff too. Then I'll be planning my bigger hikes for later this week and hoping one of them will be a trip to Rainier again to Carbon Glacier.

Weather is fantastic here. Currently 70°F and not a cloud in the sky. Supposed to be clear the rest of the week and bit warmer later on. So much better than being on the east coast right now with temperatures near 100°F coming in.


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Jul. 7th, 2010 04:14 am (UTC)
But have you been sleepless in Seattle yet?

Yuk, yuk, yuk...
Jul. 7th, 2010 06:30 am (UTC)
No, smarty pants. I've been getting my 8 hours every night. :p
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