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Great hike today, Chirico Trail

Woke up to another sunny and cloudless morning. I still find it weird that I see daylight at 0430--daylight is actually 16 hours long right now in Seattle this time of year. Had the windows open all night long to keep cool.

I finally settled on Chirico Trail at Tiger Mountain State Park. I had my Garmin Forerunner on for this and recorded and transferred it to Garmin connect. It was nearly 4 miles with a climb of about 1600'.

I took some video, but I have not transferred it. I'll upload it later this evening to YouTube. I did take one photo from a lookout point with a view if Rainier in the background (not bad for the berry camera).

Very, very warm out and sweated like a pig on the hike up. Refreshing breeze at the top. Ran out of water too--need to keep that in mind for future hikes.

EDIT: For those that could not see the pictures, I have them on flickr now.


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Jul. 8th, 2010 02:29 am (UTC)
Sounds like your having a good time :)
Jul. 8th, 2010 03:04 am (UTC)
I can't see your photo unfortunately but had a quick read of the Wiki link - I do love the names you give your mountains...Squak Mountain, Cougar Mountain, Rattlesnake Ridge, Tiger Mountain :)
Most of our natural landmarks are now given Aboriginal names, which i also like, but they often don't conjure up the same mental imagery of the wild like your names do.
Jul. 8th, 2010 07:04 am (UTC)
Sorry, I have them uploaded to my flickr account now.

As for the names, who knows how they were named. They were named a long time ago. Perhaps indians named them? I have no idea. I assure you there were no tigers in the Tiger Mountain State Park. :)
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