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Move in progress (literally)

I'm finally chilling out a bit here at a WiFi hotspot at Barnes & Noble. I'm relying on my iPad now with no home network and trying to minimize the 3G charges.

This week has just been a blur and hard to believe my last day of work was lt Friday. I got a lot of house work done, a lot more crap into the garbage and recycling, and it's been hot all week. At least we've had some pretty cool thunderstorms.

The movers arrived on time and did a great job packing. It took 3 men all day to pack up all of my stuff into 98 boxes. To say I'm grateful for having this relocation package ghat covers packing would be an understatement. I was impressed wioth the 3rd party service that built wooden crates for my flat screen TV's. All that's left are the items that are flying with me, furniture and other odds and ends. The only errors I made so far is realizing I did not pull out any jeans for flying, my primary specs got packed somewhere and t-shirts got packed away too. At least I have until Monday to pick through and retrieve those items. I should have waited to turn the cable modem in on Monday. Oh, well...

Tomorrow I need to make a big trip to the dump for a household hazardous waste disposal among other things since none of that stuff can ship. Then I need to get working on tons of little things all over the house (speckling nail holes, sealing holes in the siding, sealing up the quarter-round in the bathrooms, making sure toilets are tight and seal them to floor..., the list goes on).

Time to get some sleep. I would watch some TV, but won't be seeing that for a long time. Pretty much exhausted and feeling a bit along right now, but I know all of that will change soon. I just want to be in Seattle right now getting started with my new life.



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Aug. 7th, 2010 04:56 am (UTC)
It's cooler up here too!
Aug. 9th, 2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
And I am excited too! :)

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