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Seattle update

It's been ages since posting, but I find it hard to get back on the computer in evening after a full day of work. I guess that does not explain why not getting online on the weekends, but it's the best excuse I can come up with right now. I know I'm missing out on other updates from my friends around the world and I'm going to work more on reading them over the coming days.

While the iPad is nice for the bus ride from Seattle, loading up LJ on the iPad in the morning is rather frustrating. My guess is the AT&T network is just saturated. About 10 minutes of my commute on the bus is in the tunnels and there is not AT&T signal there (no Verizon either come to think of it). The I-90 tunnels offer Verizon service, but no AT&T that I can tell. So, it's a bit frustrating trying to load up LJ. I'll tinker with some other settings to reduce the photos and stuff and see if that helps (but I hate not seeing them too). Wish there was a way I could just download chunk of LJ and read it offline in the morning on the iPad.

Apartment is shaping up and I need to get some pictures out. No doubt, I have been lazy and that needs to change. I got so tired of unpacking and sorting that I just gave up for awhile and forgot about it. I need to move forward again, but I also need furniture (desk and bookshelves) to sort things out.

I still have a great deal of stuff in storage that has to go, but much of is damaged and I need to file a claim, so I'm sort of stuck with it. Really pisses me off that United did such a crappy job in taking care of my furniture and now I'm also stuck with photographing, documenting, having to find old purchases to prove value..., it's exhausting.

In other news the apartment above me is still a problem. There is still pouding going on upstairs as the kiddies stomp their way back and forth on their floor. It's so bad at times that even the lights in my ceiling rattle. I've called security several times, but they never answer the door. Apartment management has read them the riot act, but the message never seems to sink in. So, it's time to stand in the managers doorway and ask him what's next because this is tiring and aggravating. I've logged numerous complaints and I'm not feeling much love right now.

There is a lot more to update folks on, but this is a start. I'm amazed how I just want to give a quick update here only to find out I've typed several paragraphs! Off to bed with me..., g'night.



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Oct. 16th, 2010 03:27 am (UTC)
Great to hear from you and to know that things are going well! Hugs!
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