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Seattle winter wonderland

It has been quite a day, but it's been one of the best because of one simple thing--snow!

Day started off with just a Winter Weather Advisory. It was snowing this morning, but only wet streets. I just had my cube moved and reorganized (along with the entire floor) and wanted to sort things out. Bus was fine, but there were definitely more people boarding than usual. Trip took a little longer since the entire bus fleet was fitted with chains limiting their speed--smart move.

Snow was on and off again and finally decided to head home around 3:00pm. Bus was packed. At the next stop, we had to leave about a dozen people behind and I'm sure they were not pleased. Traffic was pretty bad, but moving. Those chains on the bus? They came in handy on the ramp at one of the exits. It was about this time all of the light slushy roads turned to ice very quickly. By the time I got off the boss in downtown Seattle tunnel, the place was a mess. Most intersections were packed with cars stopped. Wheels were spinning all over the place. Many hills became sledding hills..., for cars! Even walking across the street was a little tricky.

Many of the major hills were blocked off, but several people really misjudged the capabilities of their cars and skills on even minor hills. They ended up getting stuck going up a hill and snarling traffic as they figured out how to back themselves out of that mess. Capitol Hill was pretty much at a standstill. So glad I'm walking to my apartment and I have all my necessities around me. Definitely a good day to be living in the city.

I-5 and the viaduct became parking lots within hours. There were so many little accidents that at times all lanes were blocked. Some people who were stuck for 2-3 hours eventually abandoned their cars. This one is going down in the books.

The snow is still coming down pretty heavy with a strong wind from the north. Lots of blowing snow with an occasional, but brief, whiteout. My apartment is right on the street level with the street lights, so it's really easy to see how hard it's snowing. I took several pictures (camera still acclimating to indoor temp/humidity (thanks for that tip, ljtourist!)) along Broadway E. Just wanted to capture the falling snow. I'll get more pictures I'm sure tomorrow morning.

While I was out taking pictures, a stranger approached me and asked me to delete the pictures of him. I was stunned and explained they were just scenic pictures and there was nothing to identify. He asked me to show him and to make him happy I did. You could not make out if the people in the picture were even humans! He stil wanted them deleted. I refused. As he walked away he said I had no business taking pictures of people in public. Hello? What part of "public" in that sentence do you not understand? If I had a photographic memory should I have my mind erased? Sheesh! Big city means more strange people.

Temperature is still running at 24°F/-4°C, heavy snow and lots of wind. Not sure how much longer this will keep up. Definitely going to be a work from home day tomorrow.


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Nov. 23rd, 2010 01:57 pm (UTC)
That's ridiculous about the guy asking you to delete his picture even after you could not tell who he was. Some people!!!
Nov. 23rd, 2010 05:36 pm (UTC)
A couple of years ago, I was listening to a talk radio (KOMO 1000). driving in snow was the main topic. then someone mentioned this "drive as fast as you want to crash" I soooo wished all the other drivers were listening to that.
Nov. 23rd, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
Last winter here, we didn't get a flake of snow in the city.

In contrast: two years ago, I was out in Port Townsend, and we had 18 separate snow storms, one of which trapped me for six days in my place.

I think we're going to be having one of THOSE SNOWY ONES this year.

PS I'm glad he didn't smash your camera!
Nov. 24th, 2010 04:12 am (UTC)
Welcome to the NW! Especially to a place where they don't have much snow, on a regular basis to the point where they do not have the equipment to handle such storms.

The storm you recieved was supposed to slide further south and hit Portland, so thank you for keeping the storm up there this time.

Though, keep in mind, this is rare.

In the late 1990s I remember looking down from one of Portland's towers as an unexpected snow storm hit. I remember watching the buses slide into the curb as they approached the respective stop. So, that let us know it was time to close the office.

We have had several snow/ice storms since and people finally got the message that ice is ice, now matter how big your SUV is.

Having lived in San Francisco I agree with you in how "strange" people can be. However, having once lived in Santa Fe, where Native American came in second only to Hispanic as far as population demographics, some Native Americans can feel that picture taking freezes their soul and thus wish not to have done. True, some would allow their souls to be frozen for a small fee, but others simply did not wish to have their soul frozen.

Stay warm and enjoy the rarity of this storm. (yes, you will come to realize how rare this storm is.)
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