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BMW peed on driveway

I had all of the work done by Strictly BMW whom I've taken my care to numerous times and got excellent service. The work the did was quite a bit and costs much less than dealership.

I picked up the car late yesterday and heard something like a squishing sound as if I had run over a 2L water bottle of pop or something. Looked behind me, saw nothing on the ground. Kept on driving. Made it home and that's when things got worse.

Fluid began leaking from the engine compartment. At first it was a trickle. Then it kept on coming. It was clear, thick and odorless. Yep, transmission fluid. I checked the power steering, but it was still full. This car has a small radiator up front for the transmissions fluid for the automatic transmission. I'm guessing one of the quick disconnects became disconnected and just dumped the fluid out.

Walked to the grocery to get cat litter to stop up the mess. I'll have AAA tow the car over to the shop sometime this weekend. I hope this is a just a simple fix, but it looks like there was an error by the shop here. A failure of this type is extremely rare.

On top of that, the heater core valve (sends hot water to HVAC system) is popping in and out with a thud every three seconds. No idea what's causing that right now.

This is the first time my car has left me stranded after nine years of ownership. Glad I live where I can still get around via bus and light rail.



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Mar. 18th, 2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
Thank goodness you made it home and weren't stranded along the side of the road. Hope it's a quick fix and nothing that will set you back financially or leave you without a car for long.
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