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Day 2 in Yulee

Slept great last night and we headed out to the grandparents now location in Jacksonville. We did lots of fixing up with hanging pictures, configuring grandpa's email and PC issues, recabling lots of things and answering other questions about what they were still unsure of. Got a picture, but I left my card reader at home. :( Need to take some other pictures anyway tomorrow.

After we got back G and I headed out to Fort Clinch for biking. It was quite hot with temps in the low 90's and plenty of humidity. Headed out on the sunday trails through the trees and it was rather interesting. Lots of wildlife everwhere. Went past a snake, chased a raccoon out of the bushes and sent some other creatures scurrying off into the woods as we rode through. About 3 miles into the trail G hit some kind of branch and totally destroyed the rear derailleur. I traveled on for another mile and took the hard road back to the car. Caught up with G quickly as he was struggling with the chain that kept slipping (since there was no derailleur to keep tension on it). We were damn hot and glad the trip was over. There was no wind where we were (blocked by sand dunes).

Back home we got sandwiches for dinner and hung out by the marsh where we spotted an alligator lurking in the water (quite normal for this area). Bugs were getting to me and headed inside. Talked with G some more and then watched TV while I sorted out issues with ffmpegX to convert some more video (resulted in MUCH better images with the same compression).

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