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Day 3 in Yulee and Happy 4th!

Today was a lazy day. I slept in and later dragged my ass out of bed at around 0900. Later I played with some of the video stuff and got that uploaded. Will tinker with more of that when I get home. Afternoon was spent watching and somewhat participating in fishing off the dock. I'm no fisherman and today proved it. I don't like seafood. I don't see the fun in catching fish. Aunt fixed a super lunch and dinner and Uncle made a chocolate souffle.

G and I headed into town to watch the fireworks that kicked off at 2130 and it was a good show...
...with a few pics I took and even tried a movie on the phone. I sent the message to you tube, but it appears that it never showed up, so puzzled over that issues and will investigate later. Headed out to a bar called the Palace Saloon here in Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. It was a cool bar with some really great live music. Mostly straight people, but some gay people as well. I had a blast talking with G talking about all kinds of stuff and people watching with play-by-play critiquing of those that were hot (he's straight so he was more focused on the women), those that thought they were hot, those that needed fashion help and those that only had one thing on their mind. It was pretty funny as we analyzed people and we kept asking other questions about why the other one thought a particular person was hot.

So glad I got to spend this time with G. He is such a cool cousin and and he is such a gay supporter. He is totally cool with it. It's great being able to talk with a straight guy (and one by blood) about sexual issues and talking about comparisons and other silly stuff.

Got home about 0100 and just wrapping up things. Tomorrow, another visit with the grandparents to fix up a few things, then back here to pack and then I'm back on the road again back home.

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