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Still here at work, but almost out of here. Just had to document a million things and add several items on my todo list to cleanup the mess I made.

Change went through without disaster. Hit some bumps in the road when I went to check a few hours before to make sure things were setup in the machine room only to find out that we had completely the wrong fiber connectors. Networking came through and got it worked out at the last minute. Configuration went over gracefully with only one tiny glitch that was fixed in seconds by hand. Then the issues with port negotiation. Some people in our networking group when they setup these switches like to configure the ports really tight with no autonegotiation. I know it used to have its problems, but some people are still extremely paranoid when it comes to autonegotiation. Did learn something new this evening--you can't turn off autonegotiation for GigE.

We got the on-call person from networking to make the changes only to find out they were still being a complete ass and more or less just threw up their hands and said, "I don't know anything about that switch--call somebody else". Then we get one of the real, friendly gurus and he helped us out in a snap.

Still have hot-standby issues with our load balancers, but they're stable at the moment and will open a call with Nortel in the morning. Too tired to dive into the problem now and nothing is down at the moment. Overall, good team effort. Everyone in my group did a great job working on their areas of maintenance and then helping out in other areas where needed.

Lots of little things to do tomorrow: open tickets, cleanup old cables, relabel cables, documentation, etc...


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Jan. 6th, 2006 03:51 am (UTC)
Sure you can turn off autonegotiation for GigE. With Cisco equipment you can disable/enable negotiation on WAN type interfaces. For the LAN interfaces however you can't do that. The Cat4k is going to have all LAN type interfaces. With cat6500/c7600 it will depend on which linecard you are working with. You just can't make the blanket statement about GigE. Just depends on the hw involved.
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