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Mountain biking weekend

It's not like I spent the entire weekend mountain biking, but I did spend about 2 horus each day doing so. I hit Crabtree Lake Saturday and it was a good run. Sun was behind the clouds and there was a breeze. Add to that the temperature was in the 80's (much better than the 90's). I was back on my old mountain bike and it handled great on these trails, but ,damn, it was very bumpy in many places. Had to slow down for several areas where there were lots of roots.

Sunday was interesting. I decided to hit some trails over in the RTP area. Dad made most of these trails in large, wooded commercial lots that are unused and has unofficial permission to use them. I had not been there in a long time. I could not find the entrance! I found another entrance further down and picked up the trail from there, but it was not easy. There was tons of clutter on the ground that made it difficult at times to figure out where the trail was. Several trees were knocked down and have not been cleared out yet. If I had my saw handy I would have cleaned some of it up. Spider webs weren't that much fun either. Called Dad to ask what the deal was and he just explained that he's not had time to keep up with it especially since he's been forced to use his recumbent trike getting him away from single track stuff due to his back. He's hoping to pick it up again and I offered to help clear out some of the trees the next time I go. They're great trails, very narrow, and low on technical stuff so that I can bring some noobies on it.

I'm still in the market for a mountain bike. The $2000 bike is on old right now. There are several I am looking at on eBay that I might be able to get for a little over $1000. Lots of people completely freak out when I even mention about buying a bike that costs more that $300--shut it! When I go mountain biking (like many others) I don't hit the paved trail. I'm going up and down hills, hopping over 6" logs, going through mud, hit hills with rocks that will wear you down in 20 seconds, roots, stumps, holes..., you name it. That's the kind of stuff I like to do. A $300 mountain bike would fall to pieces and be very difficult to manage at all. Mountain biking keeps me in shape. A $1000 investment in that is sure as hell worth it.

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