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Weather station and Perl

Feeling rather geeky this evening. Since I started getting my weather data online I discovered a lot of software that is complete crap. So, I decided to write my own code and make it particularly exciting (read: challenging). As a UNIX administrator, I'm way behind on learning much more about Perl, so this gives me plenty of motivation to learn it now. The only PC I have at home is Windows making things even more interesting.

Over the weekend I struggled with getting the pieces together. I was amazed to find a Perl module for my weather station--Davis Weather Monitor II! It has all of the functions defined to query the console for the data I want and stream it. Next, I needed serial module to talk to the COM port on my PC. That was painful and had a really hard time getting it to work right as it could not find an API for Win32 in Perl. Some searching last night revealed a nugget of data and was bit embarrassed to realize that all I had to do was tell ActiveState (Perl for Windows) to just install the silly package, Win32-API. Once that was installed (in less than 5 seconds) the serial module sprung to life with some mild tinkering. Then the weather module starter working too and all tests passed!

So, I now have the modules in place to talk directly with the weather console and now I can work on gathering that data, parse it and get it all sorted out. It's been so long that I've done any programming and I like doing this (and it's all for meteorology which just makes it plain cool). :)



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Aug. 8th, 2006 10:59 am (UTC)
I love the weather and storms too. Doppler radar has become my best friend. I'm always checking the weather channel and local Durham cable channel 212 (live doppler!) at the first rumble of thunder. And with all the storms swirling around yesterday, you'd think my yard would have gotten a good soaking? NOOO! Storms build up, go around my little part of south Durham and re-form and drench Cary and the airport. Pfft!
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