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Weekend update

Friday my laptop battery fell under the massive recall. After several attempts I finally got through to the Apple site and got it ordered and it will take 4-6 weeks. I have my old, old battery that only maintains 50% of it's capacity, so better than nothing. Hung out with several friends at Pei Wei and later at bearcubbnc's where there must have been like 20 people at one time and met some new people. Everyone could tell I was stressed from the week--not good.

Saturday was spent with the parents, Quinn and Zoe (while their parents were on a trip). I was horse playing with Quinn and Zoe when I grabbed Zoe's foot and she began screaming in pain. Once she calmed down she was able to tell me that she had a blister on her ankle and that I hurt her when I grabbed her there. :( I had no way of knowing, but feel bad that I hurt her like that. Picked up davegrrr and his parents at the airport. Did several errands and finally got home. Unclogged my first drain with powerful chemicals and watched some F1 stuff before I finally went to bed.

Sunday, I finally repaired my mailbox that the HOA has been complaining about for some time now (it was all rusty). Took a wire brush to it and repainted it completely. 60 Minutes was very interesting this evening. Nagin is cocky and overconfident after what I just saw. I see why so many people don't like him. an other interesting article was based on what makes men gay or straight. It opened the door to more theories that it may not be genetics alone that determine sexual orientation--very good story.

Coming up this week I'm not looking forward to work at all. I know I will b=e faced with more people trying to get me to change my priorities and I will be challenged to tell them no and *NOT* get emotional about it. That's one my goals this week--stop getting angry. Looks like tropical storm Enestro will be heading our way with a front stalled out over North Carolina about this time to get us some desperately needed rain. Our area is back into the moderate drought status.


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