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Halloween plans

I did want to go home early and bo biking to take advantage of this beautiful weather, but that's not going to happen as I forgot about a weekly meeting at 4pm. :(

Garage door is being a pain in my butt. It's binding on the left side and I have to realign the entire rail after I move some other stuff out of the way. The only way I can get it to close is put pressure on the door and pull it down as the opener closes it. Otherwise, it just stops a dozen times on the way down due to too much resistance. This really goes back to the original installers who apparently do not know how to use a level.

Not sure what I'm doing for the candy-seeking kiddies this evening. I don't have any candy yet (note to self: stop at grocery store). I usually setup my stereo with a creepy sounds CD and they seem to enjoy it. I'll be lucky to get home by 6pm when they're going to start arriving which means I'll be interrupted a million times trying to eat dinner. At 8pm the lights go out--go away!

Part of me just wants to skip the whole trick or treating this time. We'll see. Timing just sucks right now. Oh, yeah, must remember to get candy THAT I DON'T LIKE!


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Oct. 31st, 2006 09:14 pm (UTC)
I have pretty good self control on the candy. My roomie has probably had about 10 pieces or so already in the past couple days.
Nov. 1st, 2006 01:52 am (UTC)
We put the lights out at 8:30. After 8pm it's all 17-year-olds and I think that's a bit old to be out in a neighborhood trick or treating. (I know, I've turned into a crotchety old hack!)
The leftover candy goes in a big bowl we have in our breakroom at work. Last year somebody had tons of the little sweet tarts left over. I probably had 20 the first day. I was literally sick. Hopefully everything that's left over this year will be stuff I dont like as well!
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