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Personal trainer

So, I'm looking at using a personal trainer to get into some weight training. I'm not giving up my mountain biking and other stuff, but I simply want to find a another way to keep in shape. This includes taking better care of my back, neck and improving leg strength to extend my endurance while snowboarding.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, faculty and staff can get a personal trainer for $125 for 5 sessions. This includes an overall assessment. Access to all of the fitness facilities at UNC-Chapel Hill cost $8/month for all faculty and staff and time to start taking better advantage of that.

Any suggestions on how to make the most of this? What expectations should I have for a personal trainer?


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Nov. 28th, 2006 09:38 am (UTC)
I've only splurged for a personal trainer once, so I'm not a subject matter expert, but I can tell you all of the things that I hated about the one I had. :)

I felt that my trainer didn't spend his time focusing on me. He wasn't always watching my movements for mistakes, and didn't adjust for my unusual physiology early or often enough.

Biggest lesson I learned is that figuring out goals together and up front is really, really key. Not only did my trainer not do this with me (he just accepted my goals without discussion), but he didn't explain how the things he was instructing me to do were supposed to work towards that goal. So, halfway through, when I was at -100% of my goal (gained 15 pounds instead of losing it), he was confused, but didn't appear to alter anything! I did not renew his contract.

So, yeah, goals will help you make the most of it, and help you decide to keep paying or not.

Good luck!
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