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Sightseeing roundup

I can walk no more today.

I got a a late start to the day, but I could not walk anymore. Went to Arlington National Cemetery first and took several pictures there. The endless sea of graves still gets me. Got a few more pics of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

From there I hoofed it to Lincoln Memorial (Metro was no faster) and took some pics there as well as a self pic with the reflection pool behind. Next was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and more pictures there. Tried several times to capture the reflection off the wall.

As I continued walking along the reflection pool I finally arrived at the WWII Memorial. From there I wandered a bit to find the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. It's a little daunting at first trying to figure out how stuff is laid out. Two things in this place really stuck out. First was the children's tile wall. Hundreds of kids hand decorated their own tile with something about the holocaust. Could be something expressing anger the evilness, hope for peace, wondering why Jews were singled out..., the list goes on. I took a few pictures (will be uploaded later), but I doubt I captured it that much. That really started pulling on some emotional strings. The other was child's area designed to teach young kids about the holocaust in terms they could understand and interact with. It was based on a story of child who survived it. The end was very emotional and was drying my face as I exited. Some people really paused to absorb what had happened and others were just sort of breezing (and annoyed me a bit).

Finally went to the Capital and snapped some more pics and tried to visit Library of Congress, but it was closed on Sunday. I began wandering and got lost trying to find the Metro station. Several blocks later I finally found one many blocks east of the Capital--oops. By then my legs were wiped out and decided it was time to get back to the hotel.

So, back now and checking email and wanted to put down things here before I forgot them. Hope to have pictures uploaded soon. All I've had to eat is a cereal bar and peanut M&M's. Need some real food this evening.


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Dec. 4th, 2006 02:25 am (UTC)
I can't think of many things more moving than visiting the Holocaust museum in Washington. I haven't been to the museum in many years.

The one thing I remember more than anything is the room that was filled with shoes and personal effects of persons moved through the camps. To some is seems impersonal. To me, it took an abstract number of persons killed and showed items that represented each of them. Items which could represent me and others that I love.

I'm glad you got the opportunity to visit the Holocaust museum. No one should make it to Washington and not visit it. I can even remember being there and hearing people asking others what the Holocaust was. They had no idea about what had happened.
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