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LISA update, Tuesday edition

Todays tutorial was on VMware ESX Server and this was a good one. I dived into the details of his this software works and I'm intrigued about possibly implementing such a thing in the next year for our group. Good teachers, good content and highly recommended.

Found manley1 on my way back to the room (tutorial ran well past 5pm) and we chilled for a bit in the room catching up. ted_badger joined us for a quick dinner at one of the restaurants in the hotel here. Burger was $13. It was barely worth $3. Waiter was useless and got a tiny tip. Also made us late for the GLBTF BoF this evening.

We had about 25-30 people at the BoF (Birds of a Feather) with some good stories and good laughs. Met rbsmith77 who caught my LISA post on gaygeeks and decided to come out to LISA fir his first time. Grabbed some ice cream at Baskin Robins and saw ljtourist and give him a hug as he was headed out to dinner.

Came back for the University Issues BoF at 9pm and had about 40 people at that one with lots of interesting topics and issues. As a result, I setup some additional BoF's for Blackboard and Multimedia issues. Not sure what the turnout will be. So, lot's of BoF's Wed night and Thu night.

All in all, things are good here and not even half way through it.

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