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Last day of LISA

Another good day at LISA with some good food as well. Started off chilly this morning (but I did not have to go outside, fortunately) and attended the morning sessions. For lunch several of us got together and went for a short trip to Chipotle. This was Mexican and I actually founded some tasty food there to enjoy. We had the afternoon sessions and by that point I was getting a bit burned out by LISA and all. Stomach as also getting weird on me (mainly just uncomfortable).

For dinner we all headed out to DuPont Circle for a major bookstore with a cafe inside right near the Metro stop. We had a great dinner and it was reasonably priced. We talked about past LISA, future LISA's, LOPSA activity and all kinds of funny stories ranging from camping to $440 parking tickets. Cold has really set it as it was windy and in the 20's here.

The first morning session was "Black Ops 2006: Pattern Recognition". The most interesting was dotplots of various binaries. It was really amazing to see the patterns are very unique among the different types of files that are out there.

Next was "Power-Managed Storage" and this was another cool one. One of the challenges faced by organizations that are storing anywhere from 100TB to petabytes of data are faced with very large hardware that demand a very large amount of electricity. In some cases data centers can't support it. On top of that studies have shows that only about 15% of the data actually changes and the rest is static. So, someone developed a file server with many, many disks that will spin down and completely turn off the power to the drive until it is needed. If a file is needed the system will automatically spin up the needed disk(s). This results in about 30 seconds of wait time. This has shown to be a huge savings in electricity and great extends the life of the disks up to 5X.

First afternoon session was "System Administration Drowning in Management Complexity". I did not like this session. It felt like the whole discussion was about numbers and was very..., well, complex. :/ I was also very tired and had a hard time staying awake.

Last session of LISA was "Improv for Sysadmins". I'm a bit mixed on this. There was some good content put on by Dan Klein and Bob Apthorpe with some funny stuff. Focus was on how we present ourselves as sysadmins to our customers. A few simple steps in how we make eye contact and present the correct "status" goes a long way to getting what we need. They ran through several good and bad examples. However, the discussions tended to drag on a bit much with lots of comments and questions from the audience. I was pretty much done and waited 10 minutes past the end time and finally left the room. I was just starting to get tired of LISA and longing to be back home.

Dead Dog party is tonight and headed out to that shortly. Been pre-packing a few things to get organized. Train tomorrow is at 1055 so that will be easy to do. Thinking I will leave around 1000 from here or maybe a bit later. Suppose I will get brunch somewhere along the way--we'll see. LISA has been good, but ready to get back home.

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