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Just an OK Monday (could have been worse)

It's actually sort of nice at work. Lot's of people are starting to disappear for the holidays, campus is a ghost town (graduation last Sunday) and not too many nagging phone calls today. I've only read the first chapter of Tom's new book and starting to at least reduce the interruptions. I'm finding that I'm so easily distracted by all of my little windows on the screen. Starting to lear to turn things off in order to focus on other things. Even planning on some minor changes to help our team reduce distractions as well so that they can focus on their tasks and projects. Then, again, distractions dominate my life thanks to ADD--Oh, look, a chicken!

Now, if I can just buckle down and read the rest of Tom's book. In skimming over a few things I'm finding I'm blaming a little too much of my failures on my ADD when it's actually the practice and habits of being a system administrator.

Thanks to my friend Chris for getting me a copy of that latest Madonna album. I can't get enough of that 2nd song--love it. I usually listen to Sirius at all times with NPR for local news and stuff. I forget how much better just MP3 on a CD can make. :) I might listen to track 3 tomorrow.

Did learn form Dave that Brokeback Mountain will be here in the triangle soon at some of the major theaters.



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Dec. 20th, 2005 03:37 pm (UTC)
ADD really does seem to be common with sysadmins. It also like (hang on, phone call) you keep getting (what is Nagios saying now?) your attention (what does this e-mail mean?). What was I saying again? Oh yes, Jello is good. ;-)
Dec. 22nd, 2005 10:24 pm (UTC)
Don't forget the "Oooh, shiny!" Heck, I had a trader today think someone'd jumped off the roof when it was a large clump of snow melting and falling instead.
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