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Home, sweet, home

I left Steamboat yesterday under cloudy and snowy skies yesterday morning. As we headed over Rabbit Ears pass, it began to snow moderately, but as we moved back down into the valley the skies cleared for nice views all the way to Silverthorne and I-70. As we got on the interstate and headed down into Denver, the skies clouded up again with moderate snow and then it had ended by the time we got into Denver when they had a fresh few inches of snow.

The rental car, Dodge Durango, was OK, but it was annoying many times. It just lacks intelligence. The steering feedback is completely numb, the high beams are useless, when the lights are on the radio display is so dim you can't see it at all..., the list goes on. One other thing that annoys me about a full size SUV is that I can't scrape the entire windshield! My 5-8 body does not allow me to reach all of the windshield. For three people, a snowboard and 6 checked bags, it was essential though.

Plane rides were quite uneventful. Everything was either on-time or early. The new Skylink system at DFW sure is bumpy. The trains for ATL and DEN are far smoother and faster. It still amazes me how the airlines ignore the insanely large bags that people are allowed to bring on board the plane as carry-on. We're talking large duffels and suitcases here. When my snowboard carrier got to RDU (home) I learned that TSA inspected the bag and failed to relatch the container! It's a simple locking pin that holds it together. Without that pin in place, the entire contents could have been dumped out and damaged. Just now sent a bitchy letter to them.

One thing that freaked me out was the rest rooms at DFW. While answering the call of nature and sitting on the throne, a panel behind my bathroom tissue opened whereby one of my rolls is snatched and replaced with a fresh roll, then the second role. It took me a moment to figure out what the hell was going on as you can see right through it. Freaky.

I finally got home very late and crawled into bed at 0200 this morning. It felt so good to sleep in my own bed again last night. High-speed internet access is another great thing to have again. I have a lot of LJ reading to catch up on.


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Jan. 29th, 2007 11:02 am (UTC)
Other than your SUV and toilet issues, sounds like you had a good time. Glad you made it back ok! :-)
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