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Mercedes 300D

That's what my brother is driving now. Before you get overly excited, it's a 1985 model with 209,000 miles. :)

Their two cars are dieing and they needed a replacement. Charlie (my brother) has been on this whole biodiesel rant and found this old car that is in immaculate shape for its age. The car runs on diesel or biodiesel. It actually runs smoother on the biodiesel and has plenty of pep. Most of the options work and it has a very good finish.

Just driving it around last night was interesting. It's big sluggish at first, but the power comes in and you can get up to highway speeds with little effort. It was also interesting just driving around the block and never taking the RPMs over 2000.

My brother is quite proud of this car and happy to fill up on biodiesel for $1/gal.

On a side note, ABC reported last night that the hybrid craze has really backed off. Toyota is overstocked now on the Prius and offering incentives to get them off their lot.


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Feb. 13th, 2007 10:25 pm (UTC)
My brother also had a Mercedes E300 Turbo (Diesel)-I believe a 1990 model. He kept it until 2004 when he traded it in for his present G35. He offered it to me for the princely sum of $900, which was an absolute steal as the car was pristine and in amazing shape (as an attorney he had the car dealership maintained and cleaned once a month at least). I should have jumped on the deal, but I didn't - my car was less than one year old and I owed more on it than I could sell it for (kicked self for buying domestic compact car)

Always wanted more info about stuff like this (pencil poised) so...

Anyways, I didn't know biodiesel was so cheap! Don't you have to modify the car somehow to run on pure biodiesel? What is the difference between commercially sold biodiesel (i.e. is it a blend) and the stuff that you supposedly strain from a fast food fryer and go?

And as for hybrids, I feel that they have a lot of promise. I'm surprised they're not selling as quickly as they were. I remember not so long ago, folks had 6 month waits for a Prius. My main worry about the hybrids is what happens to the batteries. I know that they have the potential to be highly corrosive and toxic. Proper and thorough recycling will have to be developed it hybrids take precedance in the marketplace.

Speaking of the Prius, have you ever seen Jeremy Clarkson's not-so-flattering take on the first generation Prius? Here it is:
Feb. 14th, 2007 02:09 am (UTC)
I asked about my brother's car. It was an '87. still would have been a great deal. Sigh...
Feb. 14th, 2007 12:27 am (UTC)
The 240D and 300D were fantastic cars. Actually, the highest mileage car in the world is a benz diesel. I love 'em. When he has to get it worked on, it won't be cheap, but it also probaby won't be often. At least for the drive train. The A/C on the other hand...

I actually was behind a 300D this morning with a biodiesel bumper sticker and license plate GREASCAR...
Feb. 14th, 2007 04:08 am (UTC)
the only thing u have to do to a car to run on the stuff from restaurants is install synthetic fuel lines (no rubber hoses) and the machine to process, its a decent initial investment, but if u get the oil for free, it only costs about .55 a gallon.
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