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Hmmmm..., where to begin...?

It's been forever and a day since I posted. I've just been too busy to even view LJ let alone make posts to it. So, here are the highlights for the past week or two.

We got moved into the new ITS Manning building Thursday of last week (08 Mar) and that went OK except for the entire floor sitting at 60°F. Oh, yeah..., no printer, no copier, no one to accept deliveries, no mail service, no fax machine, no wireless and countless glitches to deal with in the building. Clearly, our group was the guinea pig. Most of the issues are resolved now and my office is at a comfy 70°F. It's so nice to have an office again. While I have no windows (the cubes get the giant windows as it should be) my door is almost entirely glass. I can now have private meetings with my staff and others. My boss is just down the hall too.

The big data center move happened last Saturday (10 Mar) and was mostly successful. Leading up to that day I got in about 70 hours that week--boo. We moved 90% of our stuff and only lost 1 hard drive in the move (NetApp, so no worries there). Took about 9 hours to get it all done. Got most of the cleanup done this week along with final moves. I'm all about remote management, but it's nice to have all of our systems under one roof in the same building we work in again. I got a lot of help from other divisions with our system move and going to return the favor tomorrow followed by a festive party with friends tomorrow night.

Had my first mountain bike night ride this past Wednesday! It was at Beaver Dam and I mistakenly chose the advanced loop which totally kicked my ass. There was time pressure to get off the trail by 8:00pm (I got off the trail at 7:50pm and started at 6:00pm). New headlight worked great and looking forward to more night rides. Perfect weather for it as it hit 80°F that day--amazing.

I much LJ reading to catch up on this weekend. There could be some very interesting announcements coming up at work with possibly some very good news--stay tuned. So glad Formula 1 is back! Looking forward to a new season to watch and got to plan a trip to one like now.

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