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We finally stabilized Blackboard Wednesday morning at 0100. In short, it appears this time some database analysis had not been running for a few weeks that optimizes database queries. With so many large tables in the database and many will hundreds of millions of rows, optimization is very important and some of them have multiple indexes. Oracle was being to lookup data, but it could not figure out whether to use the white pages or the yellow pages and all it could was guess to put it in simple terms here. Regardless, it's running very zippy right now and that saved our asses with exams just a few weeks away. Thursday was the first day this week when we could actually rest and catch our breaths.

I've started my research into HDTV's. I've estimated that a 40" will fit nicely in my home (definitely no bigger). Another requirement is 1080p so that I will be ready for it down the road. I'm liking what I see about LCD technology so far and appears to be the most popular and reliable. I'm currently looking at sets from Sony and Samsung and they are in the range of $1900-$2200 (just based on Circuit City prices for the moment). Both are very close in performance, but the Sony appears to edge out Samsung in the SD category. Is it worth the extra $300 to go with Sony? Still not sure on that. With such a large investment like that $300 does not sound so significant, but $300 is still $300.

Health is slowly getting back to normal. I have more of a simple cold right now with congestion. Definitely looking forward to getting out this weekend and hitting the bike trails. I've been in the house so much I've missed so many opportunities to be with friends and I'm changing that this weekend.


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Apr. 21st, 2007 04:37 am (UTC)
Don't rule out the Sharp Aquos, either.

Also don't rule out 720p plasma - from 8 feet away you can't tell the difference. (720p LCDs tend to suck just because the LCD panel quality really improved in the recent 1080 generation.)
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