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Weekend + Monday update

Friday, well, I already mentioned Friday with the minor accident. So, it was a good start to the day but ended on a sour note. This is when the HDTV itch kicked in.

Saturday was a beautiful day. I was determined to get out biking this weekend. P mentioned he wanted to experience single-track and took him out for this first time at Lake Crabtree. He had a hard time keeping up the first mile, but by the 2nd mile he was doing much better. Glad I got him to get out for this. However, I'm way out of shape. I'm glad I wore the heart rate monitor as I was pushing past 170bpm on small hills.

I am ticked off with myself that I missed out on jongrizzman! Damnit! I completely forgot about that. I got the email and failed to put it in my calendar. There are a lot of friends that I have missed out on lately and need to make up for that. Last week was just so bad that I was just desperately looking for chill time this last weekend. Sorry, jongrizzman!

Sunday was another beautiful day. I actually went back out to Lake Crabtree by myself to hit other trails that are a bit more challenging. Again, glad I wore the heart rate monitor. There were many times I quickly reached my maximum heart rate and I had to stop for a few minutes to get it back down. Average rate after 1h 20m was 164bpm.

Yeah, I know, why is a 38 y/o watching his heart rate? In the past I use to max out on my heart rate for extended periods not realizing I was at that point. After a simple 40 minute bike ride I felt completely zapped and just no myself. By keeping my body from not maxing out to such extremes, my endurance is 2 to 3 times and I don't feel like someone zapped me with a stun gun afterwards. As I exercise more I'll be able to do more without pushing the heart rate that high.

Monday was extremely busy. It started off with meeting at 0900 and did not end until 1130. Then it took another 90 minutes to complete my weekly status report (2 week version with the Blackboard drama and being sick last week).

HDTV is still on the brain. I've decided to back off to a 720p set after reading comments and tips from Consumer Reports that said the difference between 720p and 1080p will not be realized unless you get a 50" screen or larger (and I sit about 10' from the screen). So, I'm still looking at Sony (the reviews and comments still set it apart from Samsung and Sharp right now). I am picky about my A/V experience and I realize I'm going to pay a little bit more for it and I'm OK with that. Targeting a Sony 46" S-series and there is an open box/cosmetically imperfect version of it on Amazon for $1500. Got a few questions into them and waiting for the feedback now. One issue for me was it only had 1 HDMI interface. Fortunately the market has a lot of HDMI switches available, so that problem will be solved.

Brother is on his way over now to watch Heroes this evening--been waiting a long time for that.


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Apr. 24th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)
no problem bud! next time!
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