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HDTV has arrived at home--barely

After it seems like just about everyone has HDTV of some sort, I finally got mine today.

When EGL arrived this morning they asked if this was refurbished. I said yes and he sounded very relieved when I said that. That right there was already starting to worry me. As they pull it off the truck I noticed that it's wrapped in gobs of packing tape. It looked like it went through a war zone and back again. At least it was intact.

They set it down inside my home and he suggested that I mark the shipping document as "subject to inspection" and sign it. They took off and I began unboxing it. As soon as I opened the top I noticed that all of the styrofoam is broken, but more or less in place. The TV itself was not in a plastic bag. I was able to lift it up on the entertainment center, dusted it off and it looks fine. It's got some rub marks on the outer edge and some places on the speaker grille where the styrofoam was rubbing during transit (nothing you can see when 5' or more away).

Otherwise, the TV screen is spotless and nothing has been cracked or damaged. It is missing an HDMI cable and I may just let that go since I have an extra one already on the way. Otherwise, it looks like saving $400 for the refurbished/open box route really paid off--yay!


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