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Commuting changes

It's done. I turned in my parking permit for the Craig Parking Deck at UNC-CH. It was costing me about $50/month and was going up to $60/month this fall. If I leave my car at home I need to walk about 15 minutes to Woodcroft to pick up the TTA 403 to get to campus. That drops me off within 5 minutes of my building. Total time, door-to-door is about 50 minutes. Bus cost--zero! UNC-CH subsidizes all public transportation for all staff. I estimate I will save about $60-80/month in gas (on top of the $60/month parking fee).

On really hot days or major rain days, I will need to drive to Southpoint and pick up the bus from there. Otherwise that long walk between home and Woodcroft is going to be very unpleasant. I'm going to check with some of the businesses near Woodcroft and Fayetteville and see if it's OK to park there during the day. I can make that drive in 3 minutes easily.

All the walking I've been doing the past few days has been really good for my body. Screw working out--I get it everyday now and it should increase my stamina when mountain biking too. Does it take me a bit out of my comfort zone? Yep, a bit. But to save up to $140/month + no more battling of traffic? It's worth it to me and I'm no longer contributing as much to the environment.

I also finally switched from Pine to Mac Mail permanently. Since we use IMAP, I sync up my mail on my laptop, go offline and then read and reply to email while riding the bus. That's been very productive.



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May. 18th, 2007 07:01 pm (UTC)
Good for you!
Healthy, cheaper, better for the planet... all win win!

Good for you. I wish I had access to a bus system that could get me to work within an hour.

It would take most of the day.

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